New gender identity policy

We met on June 22 with Dr. Garza and several staff to talk about the new policy being developed related to transgender and gender-non-conforming students (and perhaps staff). In attendance at the meeting were a representatives of GLSEN and PFLAG, three transgender youth, and 5 parents, among whom all were three FCPS teachers. Also present were two assistant superintendents and some staff from the department of student services.

The students and parents told their stories, and we presented three topics that we thought were important to be included in the new policy: 1) the inclusion of gender-non-conforming people: 2) that students be able to use the facilities consonant with their gender identities; and 3) that there be training for staff on concerns around both sexual orientation and gender identity.

We were given the name of the newly-hired consultant, Jeffrey Poirier, and told that we would be invited back in August to meet with him.



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