School Board election results

The following incumbents who support LGBT non-discrimination and inclusive curricula were re-elected Tuesday November 3, 2015 (the board has gone from a 10-2 supportive majority to 9-3, still supportive):

Ryan McElveen

Ilryong Moon

Pat Hynes

Megan McLaughlin

Tamara Deranak Kaufax

Janie Strauss

Sandy Evans

The following two new board members, also supportive, were elected:

Dalia Palchik

Karen Corbett-Sanders

Alas, one of our best supporters, Ted Velkoff was defeated.

The following two board members who ran on platforms of non-support, were elected:

Jeanette Hough

Tom Wilson

Patty Reed, who abstained on Gender Identity non-discrimination and voted against inclusive curriculum, was defeated.

The following two supportive school board members were elected to the FFX Board of Supervisors:

Dan Storck

Kathy Smith

So, in summary, of the eight board members who voted in favor who ran in contested elections, seven won their next election, one lost.

The one board member voting against who ran in a contested election was defeated.

Of the three new candidates running on supportive platforms, two won and one lost.

Of the nine new candidates running against LGBT support, two won and seven lost.

The board is now 9-3 supportive, supporters being Ryan McElveen, Ilryong Moon, Pat Hynes, Sandy Evans, Megan McLaughlin, Janie Strauss, Karen Corbett-Sanders, Tamara Derenak Kaufax, and Dalia Palchik, and non-supporters being Elizabeth Schultz, Tom Wilson and Jeanette Hough.