Complete this form to renew membership in FCPS Pride

      • Voting membership is open to all FCPS employees, include teachers, support staff, custodians, administrators, substitutes, part-time employees, and non-school staff.
      • Other residents of Fairfax County, and parents of FCPS students, may also be members.
      • Members whose dues are paid before May 1 are eligible to run for the board or President, and are eligible to vote on board membership and President
      • Dues are $30 per year. Note: you do not need to have paid dues to enter your information, or to participate in activities–it only affects voting on officers and board membership
      • Dues assist the organization with paying for outreach, including photocopying, mailings, and tabling at events; our expenses are about $800-$1000 per year.
      • Copies of financial records are available to all members.
      • Please note that we are not a union, and do not provide legal help or educational insurance.
      • Dues to employee organizations are not deductible as charitable contributions on your tax return.
      • Dues can be paid either here on-line by clicking the “buy now” button or by a check made out to “FCPS Pride.” (Checks should be mailed or Ponied to FCPS Pride, West Potomac HS, 6500 Quander Rd., Alexandria VA, 22307)
      • Or, you can go directly to the membership form below.
      • Although it is not necessary to re-enter your address if you did so last year, it does help in terms of getting ballots out.
      • Ballots will be mailed during the first week in May to all who completed the membership form; you may pay your dues when you return the ballot, but it must be postmarked by June 1.
School or pony address
Non-FCPS Phone:
To pay dues online, click the “Buy Now” button below and use PayPal;

alternatively, you may send a check for $30 made out to “FCPS Pride” to FCPS Pride, West Potomac HS, 6500 Quander Rd., Alexandria, VA 22307.

N.B. It is not necessary to be a member to participate; it matters for voting, and to fund our modest expenses.

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